Three Decades of Continuous Records for Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory (BCL)

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1 IBB, University of Tehran

2 IBB, Universiy of Teharn


The Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory (BCL) was established in 1986 at Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB), University of Tehran as the main base and the mother of biophysical chemistry in Iran. BCL is a famous worldwide research lab in the area of thermodynamics of protein denaturation and biomacromolecular interaction. The first student that joined BCL was MSc student in 1987, while the laboratory was in development. Despite the limited features, the results of his study on the thermodynamic analysis of the interaction between surfactants and H1 histone was published in Thermochimica Acta as the first outlet of the BCL in 1989 [1]. This was the initiate for internationalization of science in BCL with the support of thought, sacrifice, and perseverance. This way was led to achieving the main goal of the establishment of the laboratory with the big goals for the advancement of science, wisdom, and innovations. In the following, in 1990, because of the results of the student studies and international publications, BCL awarded the International Khawrazmi Prize entitled "Physical chemistry of the interaction of histone proteins with surfactant". A wide range of results on histone proteins were published in international journals (referred to[a]).

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Three Decades of Continuous Records for Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory (BCL)


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